Harmon: Tell me how you torture them.

Fernando(head of a right-wing death squad): Blowtorches in the armpits, electric shocks in the balls. There are many kinds of people involved in guerrilla warfare. There are the toughest ones, the tough ones and the weak ones. The weak ones we just tell them that we’re gonna kill them and they speak. The tough ones we have to beat them a little bit, then they speak. But the toughest ones, we have to pop their eyes with a spoon.

Harmon: Pop their eyes with a spoon? How do you do that?

Fernando: You slide the spoon in the eye and then the eye pops out of its orbit. That’s it.”

Harmon: What happens to the people you do that to?

Fernando: Well, you have to film it to believe it. Usually they start screaming, they start yelling. Since they are tied to a chair or table, they just bounce their heads around when you pop their eyes. But boy, they sure sing. They sing loud, believe me.

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